Send a gift

We'd be tickled to send a gift to your favorite girl or woman! Shipping is free on every order.

Whatever you order goes to the recipient neatly wrapped in plain paper, with an Outspoken Women gift card. This is the size of a business card (small!), so you have just three or four words to let the recipient know who you are. As you can see below, the card reads, "Cool stuff coming your way from . . . " So you'll want the rest of this sentence to include your name/relationship (" . . . Aunt Jane and Uncle Jack" or ". . . your parents" or ". . . Amy and Allison"). You get the idea. If you don't provide a name, we just use the first and last name from your order. The order form has all this info, too.

We never include include cost info when mailing out a gift. 


IF YOU ARE BUYING A GIFT, EACH ORDER GOING TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS MUST BE DONE AS ITS OWN INDIVIDUAL ORDER. Remember that we don't charge for shipping, so this costs you nothing extra.