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Catherine S. Vodrey founder Catherine S. Vodrey is a graduate of Shady Side Academy, Carnegie Mellon University and Duquesne University. She gets righteously indignant when confronted with sexism, racism, ageism and all the other icky -isms lurking out there.  

For eight years, Catherine developed recipes and wrote for the food and cooking section of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Her photographs, essays and recipes have been published in American Heritage, Better Homes & Gardens, RealSimple, Gourmet, Country Home and Weight Watchers Magazine. She is a contributing author to The Encyclopedia of Appalachia, The Old Farmer's Almanac Favorite Cookies cookbook and various editions of The Oakland Review.  

Catherine's food-and-cooking letter, Convivium, was the subject of rave reviews from the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post — which in 1996 named it one of America's ten best culinary newsletters. She enjoys cooking and baking so much that she once made seven apple pies in five days, trying to perfect the crust. Catherine was also crazy enough to cater her own wedding reception, but her husband Steve loves her anyway.

Catherine teaches writing at Kent State University/East Liverpool. Her books are available on Amazon. She posts regularly on Instagram (@AllOutspokenWomen and @CatherineVodrey).

Along with her family and cats Minnie and Nina, Catherine lives deep in the woods of beautiful eastern Ohio.