Shopping for a group? Get a freebie!

If you're shopping for a group, we want to help — so if you buy seven or more of any single type of item, we'll throw in the eighth item absolutely free!

You need fun shirts for all your nieces — or maybe you want to do tote bags for a getaway weekend with your besties. Whatever the celebratory occasion, choose seven or more of the same item in whatever colors and sizes you need, submit your order and then get in touch via this contact form to let us know what style, color and size you'd like for your FREE eighth item.

We especially recommend our woman's shirts in the friendship design and the fashion design, since these two come in the widest range of sizes.

All items have to be chosen through a single submitted order, and all items must be sent to a single mailing address. Though you're free to choose different colors, sizes, etc., we cannot mix types or different prices of items. This means the deal is a free woman's shirt if you order seven or more women's shirts, a free girl's shirt if you order seven or more girls' shirts, a free slim tote if you order seven or more slim totes, and so on. 

NOTE: Returns and store credit are not available for this special offer.