We offer cool goods that are fun, useful, well-made and colorful  goods that celebrate female smarts, strength, talent and innovation. We think pink ought to be an option but not the default.

Do these goods sound good to you? Does free shipping sound good to you? Ladies, you have come to the right place. 

Here's what got us all riled up . . .

When it comes to casual goods for women and girls, what you find are some predictable design ruts: 

FOR WOMEN: Bouquets, sunrises, goddesses, pets (often cats), sayings that divide about equally into who-cares, where's-my-drink or holier-than-thou sappiness.

FOR GIRLS: Bouquets, rainbows, princesses, pets (often kittens), sayings that divide about equally into I'm-cute/sassy/spunky/etc., I'm-daddy's-girl or I'm-better-than-boys.

Don't take our word for it. Go to Google Images and enter "little girl shirt" and blanch at the treacle that pops up. Or try something like "women shirt slogan" which — while marginally better — is still chockablock with stuff that expresses sarcasm, weariness, boredom and worse.

Worse yet, try Googling "women" or "woman" and guess what: near the top is a list of the hottest women. The sexiest women. The women who "wore it best." We are not making this up. Ugh, ugh and again we say, UGH. Suiting up with Outspoken Women gear is one way to say to the world, I'VE HAD ENOUGH! (Plus the stuff is great-looking and durable!)

When did Susan B. Anthony, Oprah, Maya Angelou and Gloria Steinem become just about the only women who get regularly, publicly quoted? (They're all wonderful, BUT!) Aren't you curious about what other women from all over the world have to say? Don't you think it's smart to inform ourselves about ladies beyond our borders who are doing amazing work and saying pithy stuff about it?

We wanted casual clothing and gift options that glory in what women have achieved, dreamed and said, and we figured you might, too. We were frankly pretty sick of the endless parade of text on women's goods that focuses solely on wine (and wine and cocktails and beer and wine) or vacations or a really yaaaaawn-worthy shortlist of stuff that all essentially has to do with some form of escape. We are in it, ladies, and drinks and vacations are great, but come on: why limit ourselves to such a wee range of enthusiasms, however delightful? There's a far broader swath of passions than these to engage and excite us everywhere we look.

For instance: have you ever heard of the activist Manal al-Sharif? She worked to ensure that women in Saudi Arabia could drive because used to be, they weren’t allowed. Any idea who  Deborah Samson is? Oh, no biggie, she only disguised herself as a man to serve (and be wounded) in combat in the Revolutionary War. And then she went home and washed her hands and successfully petitioned Congress to get the same pension as her fellow soldiers. There's Madeleine Dion Stout, the Cree-Canadian nurse and writer who advocates on behalf of aboriginal and indigenous health. And check out Yaa Asantewaa, who was a 19th-century warrior queen in what's now modern Ghana — after having decided she'd had enough of British colonialism, she led a rebellion known as the War of the Golden Stool.

We could go on and on . . . and we do, so check out our "Women To Know" page.

Don't your besties or bridesmaids or annual-weekend-getaway-girlfriends deserve the coolest goodies if you want to celebrate them with a gift? (Click here to save if you're shopping for a group!)

Don't you want something fun you could give your elderly neighbor for her birthday, your best friend's daughter for her college graduation or heck, your sister just because?

These ladies have class, ladies. Don't give them a tote bag whining about not enough wine.

That's where we come in.


When choosing a gift or something for yourself, why not pick an original, light-hearted item to communicate fascinating stuff that matters?

Why not direct our daughters' and nieces' and granddaughters' attention to the achievements and talents of some of their peers instead of bringing their looks, their sassiness quotient or boys into it?

Why not buy from a place that donates 5% of your purchase price back to organizations that specifically help women and children?

We don’t find it particularly interesting to be partisan or anti-men.

Plain and simple: we're here to celebrate and promote women. This idea is integral to the design of all Outspoken Women goods.